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Kickcheck is an online store of Nike Air Jordan collectible sneakers.

Online store on Tilda

December ‘20

Main page intro

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Develop a small online store of collectible Nike Air Jordan sneakers on Tilda. The target audience is sneakeкheads - people who are very picky about sneakers and their appearance.


Prototype / UI Design / Development on Tilda

Home Page

The design is made in the style of minimalism to draw the user's attention to the product.

Navigation on the site is simplified as much as possible, from the main screen the user can go immediately to the catalog or subcategory of the product.

There are also blocks with popular models and novelties, a block with a subscription.

Home page desktop


The online store is adapted to all permissions.

Home page mobile


To create an atmosphere of expertise and win the trust of the buyer, the Legends page has been developed, which describes the models of sneakers that have gone down in history.


The directory page is designed as simply as possible so as not to distract the user from the target action.

Catalog page

Product Page

The standard Tilda block, it is possible to choose the size, color, to look at the short description. Basket connected.

Product page

Other Pages

I developed Delivery, Payment and Contacts pages to give the user a fast access to the important information.


All the images are used for presentation goals and beloing to their owners.

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