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My space is an ideal work place for those who value freedom, cool people nearby, open space and many comfortable accommodation options.

Corporate site on Tilda

January ‘21

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To develop a modern coworking site that would attract the user's attention and encourage them to rent an office of a workplace.


Prototype/ UI Design / Development on Tilda

Home Page


I decided to keep the standard working solution in this project, so the main screen displays general information about coworking in numbers, possible options for renting premises, advantages, an application form and bonuses, which will provide additional interest in the location. A lightweight animation of bright geometric shapes was created to attract the user's attention.

In typography I used Neue Machina - a stylish modern font that is well readable and does not distract attention from the meaning.

home page part 1 home page part 2 home page part 3 home page part 4
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Room page


A separate page for each type of premises has been developed with a more detailed description, tariffs, as well as a full information about options included in the price and the advantages. This will partially reduce a workload on the call center.

Since there are few room options, they are presented as separate menu items for the user's convenience.

Meeting rooms

All the images are used for presentation goals and beloing to their owners.



A separate event page was developed to show potential tenants that coworking is not just a place to work, but also an environment for developing new ideas, doing business, improving existing processes.



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